Removes the default resource paths that would be used if the given file was imported. This is the same set of paths that are added if "add_scene_shader_paths" is set to true when importing a scene or scene elements. This command can be used when a scene is no longer required to purge the paths and improve loading performance of future scenes.

Web Services Notes:

  • filename is split into path/basename.extension and paths removed as follows:

    Mdl shader paths

    • path
    • path/materials
    • path/mdl
    • path/shaders
    • path/basename
    • path/basename/materials
    • path/basename/mdl
    • path/basename/shaders

    Resource paths

    • path
    • path/ies
    • path/lightprofiles
    • path/textures
    • path/basename
    • path/basename/ies
    • path/basename/lightprofiles
    • path/basename/textures

    EG: the filename 'scenes/interior/interior03.mi' would have a path 'scenes/interior', basename 'interior03' and extension 'mi'. The paths would resolve within the RealityServer content root.



return value