RealityServer Features

Scattering Events

While LPEs are extremely powerful and useful, they are also quite complex. To simplify this, instead of explicitly specifying LPEs, the Compositor uses what we call Scattering Events. A Scattering Event is a combination of the scattering type and mode. The scattering type is one of the following:

  • reflection
  • transmission
  • volume

The scatting type is describing whether the light is reflecting off something, passing through it or passing through its volume. The mode on the other hand describes how the direction of the light is affected by the event and is one of the following:

  • diffuse
  • glossy
  • specular

Compositing operations can be performed on any combination of type and mode. There is also an additional option that allows you to further separate these contributions into direct and indirect components. This can be useful when using textured tints as texturing the indirect component does not make any sense, you can then instead tint it with the average of the texture colour for a plausible result.

You will see later when specifying what things to separate for compositing you need to specify a list of scattering events for each object you want to separate. You can think of scattering events as a way to select only a specific type of light interaction with an object.