RealityServer Features

Queue Manager

The RealityServer Queue Manager is a system which allows jobs to be queued for execution using an external queuing service or technology. A typical use case would be for batch rendering or rendering where the user will not interactively see the results.

Instead of relying on a separate server to manage its queues, the queue manager directly integrates RealityServer with popular queuing services to provide a robust, scalable solution.

Expanding capacity is simply a matter of starting new instances of RealityServer which listen to a common queue for work. RealityServer will pick up any jobs it sees from the queue, execute the requested command with the associated parameters and when complete call the defined tasks which may do work like uploading the results.

The following sections describe the basic principles of the queue manager and how it functions as well as where to find documentation on configuring the system and the command for submitting jobs.