RealityServer Features

Listening for Jobs

The RealityServer Queue Manager can be configured to monitor a queue for jobs. When a job is found in the queue it will be pulled off the queue and executed by RealityServer. This is configured in the listen_queue directive in the user queue_manager section of the configuration as documented in the Queue Manager Directives section of the RealityServer Configuration Guide.

Listening to the queue will begin as soon as RealityServer is started and ready and requires no intervention from the user. This allows for easy startup of worker instances of RealityServer to scale out with demand. The queue allows multiple workers to be started and will ensure each worker obtains a different job to work on. This removes the need to explicitly manage what jobs are done where.

Jobs may of course fail at times, when this occurs a job will be put back on the queue with an error stage. Depending on the specific queuing service you are using this may result in the job being retried or potentially put into a so called dead letter queue where failed jobs are held for later examination.

It is important to note that only a single queue can be listened to by each instance of RealityServer. Since this is set in the configuration of RealityServer changing listen queues will require restarting RealityServer. This is by design to prevent jobs from different queues from interfering with each other.