RealityServer Features


There are many different terms used in the documentation for the queue manager which require explanation. Particularly since many, such as job and task can be easily confused. Below we outline what each of the key terms we will use mean.

  • Queue Module - These provide access to a specific type of queue. The queue manager can potentially utilise multiple queuing systems through with each being handled by its own module. The queue module is what defines the actual queue configuration.
  • Queue - The queue is the place where jobs are stored. A queue manages the life cycles of a job. The queue manager uses queue modules to integrate with different queuing services. RealityServer itself does not provide a queue.
  • Command - This refers to the RealityServer command that will be called by a job to perform the actual work required. Jobs call a single command and this is just a regular RealityServer command.
  • Parameters - When calling a command in a job you usually will want to pass in parameters to the command, just like when calling a command directly. The parameters are included in the job and also stored in the queue.
  • Task - The action you want to be performed after a queued job completes. This might be something like uploading an image rendered by the job to a server.
  • Job - A job is a combination of a command, parameters and tasks. The job is what is inserted into the queue and what gets pulled off the queue when work is to be done.

Keep these terms in mind when reviewing the rest of the queue manager documentation.