RealityServer Features

Default Render Handler

The default render handler contains many features beyond simple rendering which are controlled via render handler parameters or attributes on scene elements.

  • Progressive Rendering - various progressive rendering features are taken over by the handler as well as some new ones added.
  • Falsecolor Rendering - a falsecolor tonemapper is added which allows lighting visualization.
  • Auto Exposure - allows for automatic tone mapping settings to be calculated.
  • Picking - picking of objects from image coordinates.
  • Outlining - drawing outlines of scene objects to highlight them in renders.


Despite it's name the default render handler is not used by default. It's needs to be specified in the render_loop_handler_name parameter when calling render_loop_start.


    "method": "render_loop_start",
    "params": {
        "render_loop_name": "my_render_loop",
        "scene_name": "my_scene",
        "timeout": 60,
        "render_loop_handler_name": "default"