RealityServer Features


The wireframe renderer is a fast, OpenGL based renderer which shows the outlines of the triangles of all of the objects in the scene. It does not perform any lighting calculations and is primarily intended for diagnosing scene issues relating to geometry or providing a faster interactive view when manipulating scenes. The wireframe renderer is accessed by using the renderer name wireframe.

Under Linux the wireframe renderer uses headless OpenGL rendering and as such does not require X-Windows to be running to work.

An Iray Photoreal render. An Iray Photoreal render.
A wireframe render. A wireframe render.


The wireframe renderer obtains its options from the Options element associated with the scene being rendered. These options can be set with the element_set_attribute or element_set_attributes commands or if using .mi files you can include the attributes there. The following options are supported by the renderer.

Wireframe Renderer Options
Name Type Default Description
wireframe_background_color Color 1,1,1 The color of the background.
wireframe_wire_color Color 0,0,0 The color of the wirefrmae.
wireframe_fill_color Color 1,1,1 The color of the filled triangles.
wireframe_wire_thickness Float32 1.0 The thickness of the wireframe outlines.
wireframe_samples Sint32 1 Number of samples for antialiasing outlines. Typical range is between 1 and 32 samples.
gl_debug Boolean false Output additional OpenGL debug information in logs.

Example Usage

Below are some examples of the visual effect of the above options.

wireframe_background_color (1,1,1) White background.
wireframe_background_color (0.117,0.117,0.220) Blue background.
wireframe_wire_color (0,0,0) Black wireframe.
wireframe_wire_color (1,0,0) Red wireframe.
wireframe_fill_color (1,1,1) White fill.
wireframe_fill_color (0.09,0.41,0) Green fill.
wireframe_wire_thickness 1.0 1.0 thick wire.
wireframe_wire_thickness 5.0 5.0 thick wire.
wireframe_samples 1 One sample.
wireframe_samples 16 Sixteen samples.