V8 Javascript API


[V8 API]


The V8 API provides a JavaScript API to create new RealityServer commands without having to use C++. These commands cannot access the Iray rendering engine directly however they can call any existing commands (C++ or JavaScript) to perform actual scene editing or rendering.

The V8 API allows commands to be built with much less boiler plate code than their C++ counterpart. This, coupled with developer mode which allows changing of commands without restarting RealityServer, and the ability to debug commands with Chrome DevTools, allows for vastly more rapid development. The flexiblity and power of the ECMAscript 6 language allows for application logic that traditionally would have been performed on the client (browser) side to be pushed to the server. This greatly improves performance as it reduces the number of commands that need to be called to perform a task and removes the need for round trip requests to return scene data to the client.

As the name implies the V8 API is built on top of the Google's powerful V8 JavaScript engine (specifically version 8.1.307.28) and is built on the CommonJS module system.